PenFact’s Mobile Data Collection & Exchange

XMD External Data Exchange



PenFact’s Xccelerated Mobile Deployment – XMD –  software is your business’ cost effective, powerful means to seamlessly and compatibly extend your enterprise systems to your mobile workers while gaining the timely and accurate ability to capture, report and integrate business critical data between mobile workers and enterprise operations:

PenFact understands the investment and critical value that enterprise systems bring to your business. PenFact’s XMD software enhances your investment, integrating a missing critical component – timely and accurate information flow between your mobile workers and these systems. PenFact’s XMD software enhances your core enterprise systems by providing support for mobile business processes, unique mobile data collection, mobile work flow, and mobile business rules.


How do we do it?

PenFact’s XMD software provides non-intrusive connectors to your enterprise system databases – ensuring that XMD does not corrupt data or, unless pre-authorized, change the enterprise systems data profiles. The XMD Data Transfer engine does the work – retrieving data from and writing to one or many data sources within your enterprise.


Within these non-intrusive connectors are set the rules for updating enterprise systems using the power of SQL, tags, and triggers. Alternatively, you can use XML as the transport to exchange data between systems. You determine what data, how it will be exchanged, what requirements must be met, and when the data exchange occurs. The PenFact XMD Data Transfer Engine does the rest – all the while preserving the integrity and responsiveness required for the mobile workers’ processes.

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