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Industries & Customers We Serve

PenFact’s products are used in the fields of energy, in-plant manufacturing, industrial services, customer services, environmental, public health, public safety, corporate security, construction and research sectors. Within these sectors, PenFact products have been the solution for producing required inspections, reporting repairs, transmitting notices of services to be performed, maintenance reports, health and safety inspections, facilities inspections, asset and equipment inspections, manufacturing process, production control, quality control, routine inspections, operational management and inventory count and control.



Customer Profile – Needs of Those We Can Help

PenFact customers are innovative, leading business and technology executives, manufacturing plant managers, facilities managers, production shop floor supervisors, field service engineers, professional service inspectors and others who require better means to capture, access, report, and review information critical to their company.


Our customers sought and developed easy to use, flexible and powerful capabilities for mobile workers enabling them  to capture, report and use critical information where, when, and how mobile workers operate on manufacturing shop floors, in facilities, and in field operations.


Because PenFact’s XMD software captures the data, streamlines reporting and availability of mobile worker information for management, customers and suppliers, and securely stores mobile workers’ information with multiple enterprise systems, it is used by any customer and business that lacks timely, accurate and available data, negatively impacting its profits, cost of operations, product and services quality, and whose mobile workers provide and require business-critical information.

List of Companies We Serve:

•   General Electric

•   The US Department of Energy

•   Texas Instruments

•   Volvo Trucks

•   Bio Medical Industry

•   US FDA

•   Public Utilities Companies

•   Electric Service / Government & Private

•   Auto Leasing Finance Companies

•   US Environmental Health & Safety

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