Penfact's XMD Software, the Leading US Solution

Provider for Home Monitoring

of Seizure and Sleep Disorders

Expanding Enterprise System

to the Field Yields New Business

Over the past few years, Penfact’s XMD Software has engaged in the development and operations of the monitoring of seizure and sleep disorders. As the biomedical technology expanded its R&D, Penfact’s XMD Software’s technology was first to introduce the biomedical industry with serialized product controls (deployed with bar code), which rendered Penfact as a leading solution provider in the United States.  Penfact’s XMD Software supported five years of business growth and changes, eventually providing for all required operations work flow, inventory and quality control.


Initially, the Biomedical Companies sought “inspection and serialized product’s receiving software” that could be integrated with its current, custom customer-service database, a goal that was immediately met by Penfact’s XMD deployed serialized product-tracking-with-bar–code software  with 100% reliability, accuracy and fault tolerant operation.


Thereafter, the Biomedical R&D team decided to replace the custom customer-service database with a new more versatile package, because other improvements such as enhanced call tracking, costing, and repair work flow tools were sought after. PenFact converted the custom customer-service database with a new toolkit, Penfact’s XMD External Data Exchange package, all with no change and/or interruption to the critical receiving function.


As biomedical device usage grew, so did the details and volume of work required to control and track FDA regulated processes and reporting. Specifically, this business expansion created demand for additional data entry controls that the customer-service system did not provide and data retention became more of a concern. PenFact worked with the R&D team and introduced Penfact’s XMD Software to the inspection process. This dramatically improved inspection controls and eliminated in-process paperwork. The companies controlled the design and deployment of inspection forms using the XMD Design Console.


Today XMD is considered a core operations package, providing a consistent user experience for all operating staff and enabling rapid change without requiring programmers to adapt.

Electrical transmission and distribution equipment for utility and energy consuming companies must be regularly inspected and serviced to ensure a safe and uninterrupted electrical service to the public and industry.   One of the largest industrial companies in the world engaging in these services was operating its business using paper records generated by the Enterprise System to track all equipment and customers serviced up and down the East Coast.  Prior to implementing PenFact’s XMD software, the company used paper records which were distributed to inspectors and service personnel, who generated more paperwork documenting their work completing this labor intensive process with manual input of the collected data into the Enterprise System for record transmission, reproduction and delivery to customers on demand. Increased competition required a more efficient service than could be provided through a paper-based system.


Perfects’ XMD software extended the Enterprise System into the field, enabling the instantaneous recording of service activities at the point of service, while availing inspectors and service personnel the ability to comply with customer demands by generating on-the-spot reports. The use of PenFact’s XMD software dramatically improved the company’s efficiency and productivity, and, more importantly, gave the company a competitive edge that resulted in a major increase in its successful pursuit of new business.

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