– Inspection of Cars and Trucks Coming Off Lease

Saves 4 Hours a Day per Inspector –



An Ohio company services automobile manufacturers' financing arms by inspecting cars and trucks when their leases expire. More than 100 inspectors, acting as independent contractors, are dispersed geographically throughout the Mid-West. Before implementing PenFact's XMD software, these 100+ contractors would log onto the internet and print out their schedule and the data relevant to the vehicles that they were to inspect that day. The inspectors, who get paid on a per vehicle basis, would then spend the day inspecting vehicles and recording all the information by hand on blank photocopies of forms. At the end of the day, the inspectors spent an average of two hours cleaning up and finishing the forms and faxing them to the company. The only copy that a lessee could get was handwritten, and did not reflect later changes to the forms by the inspector and the company.


At the company, another two hours per inspector were spent reviewing and correcting the forms; which then had to be manually typed into the company's database, which was used to produce reports for the lessors.


After the company implemented PenFact's XMD software, the inspectors began using Windows CE handheld PDA's, which were connected to mobile printers. The inspectors now download their schedules and forms pre-populated with the data relevant to the vehicles to be inspected. Bar code scanners are used to scan the VIN numbers, eliminating the possibility of recording a bad number. The communications system, which provides for safe, secure data transfer, uses the public internet. The company does not spend an additional penny on communications, as the inspectors can access the company database using their personal dial-up accounts. This system saves the inspectors time and money related to the clean-up and faxing they used to do. At the end of the day, inspectors just log into the company database over the web, and automatically upload the entire day’s work.


The company benefits by having data with far fewer errors - partly because of the bar code VIN scanning, and partly because the back office manual input into the database has been eliminated. Not only does the company get better data, it has been able to virtually eliminate the back office typing for the 100+ inspectors' forms. Moreover, it no longer has to spend two hours a day per inspector reviewing and cleaning up forms.


The inspectors are happy, because they gained two hours a day for which they didn't get paid. The lessees are happy because the inspectors can print out the forms and hand them to the lessees. The company is happy because it cut costs, got better data, implemented a communications system that cost it nothing, and most importantly, produced reports with better quality data, which made its customers happy.

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