Gage Calibration in the Automotive Supply Industry -

Auditable QS9000 Compliance - Huge Productivity Gains



Texas Instruments’ (“TI”) Attleboro, MA, is an automotive sensor and control manufacturer for the Automobile Industry. The auto makers insisted that TI must comply with QS 9000 if it wants to maintain its supplier status with the Automobile Industry. As part of meeting the QS 9000 requirements, TI had to provide an auditable record of every calibration procedure and minimally perform 2,000 of the approximately 15,000 measurements it regularly monitored. A costly process TI could not pass onto its customers. Therefore, TI appointed a professional team to evaluate and replace TI’s calibration inspection and management process.


Prior to selecting PenFact’s XMD Software to resolve this problem, TI was using MetTrak system, a computerized calibration management system (CCMS) from Fluke to schedule gage inspection and maintenance. CCMS system proved ineffective because work orders were collected and issued in paper form and results were entered manually into the CCMS system, a cumbersome, labor intensive and inaccurate system at best. Ultimately, TI selected PenFact’s XMD software to replace its CCMS System. PenFact’s XMD software is a paperless, electronic data collection software, designed to run on mobile pen computing tablets operating MS Windows with  paperless, electronic data collection software and it proved a perfect fit for TI.



The key reasons TI selected PenFact XMD software were:

•   Ease of editing Met/TRAK lists of measurements with each calibration procedure

•   Complete replacement of paper forms

•   100% accuracy and legibility of recorded data all around

•   Identification by electronic signature of the recording technician – accountability

•   On-board data instantaneous processing capability for immediate on-site feedback

•   Ease of electronically updating the master database and archiving synchronized data


Interfacing with Met/TRAK required reconfiguring the TI mainframe in Texas to accept the newly required QS 9000 data. Strong technical support from PenFact allowed TI to make the necessary change in a seamless transition.


TI now has an auditable, paperless calibration data recording and storage system that meets QS 9000 requirements for the critical two thousand gages. By using Penfact’s XMD data collection system, TI found that it could cover all 15,000 measurements with fewer administrators and technicians previously working full-time on the paper form method. Thus, TI obtained not just what it needed for the 2,000 critical measurements, but also obtained 8 times more coverage than it originally sought, all with reduced staff and expense.

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