About Penfact

PenFact is a leading computer engineering organization and developer of software that has enabled our customers throughout the years to rapidly design, develop, and deploy PenFact’s integrated mobile information management systems to their manufacturing plants, facilities and/or field operations.


In 1991, we developed and designed software compatible with existing hardware and communications technology to create an integrated digital system able to provide truly mobile information technology and maximize the speed and efficiency of mobile workers. In 1992, PenFact was officially founded and successfully introduced our newly developed software. PenFact’s was first to create an industrial digitized Tablet Computer System capable to timely capture, store and distribute secure, reliable and accurate information throughout a business enterprise. With PenFact software, businesses were finally able to derive real value from their mobile workers using PenFact’s paperless software system.


Since 1992, PenFact’s innovative software has attracted a broad base of customers in the manufacturing, energy, industrial, financial, research, environmental, public health and public safety service sectors. PenFact’s XMD software enabled our customers real time access to critical information across their enterprises resulting with dramatic improvements to their businesses.


Our Values

Since its founding, PenFact has trained its personnel to act with honesty, integrity and respect when coming in contact with others in the marketplace. We believe in productivity, work safety and equal opportunity and demand each of our employees to respect those believes.

PenFact is an equal opportunity employer. We provide and ensure equal access to employment, promotions, transfers, remuneration, training and advancement opportunities, and all other matters of employment to all individuals regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ethnicity, veteran or disability status.


About Our Software:

PenFact’s Xccelerated Mobile Deployment – XMD – software is a powerful, versatile mobile data collection software designed to capture and report data from an origination point and simultaneously transmit it to management, customers, suppliers, and other mobile workers at will. PenFact’s XMD securely extends and bridges real time data integration to mobile workers and across any business’ administrative structure; enabling our customers to rapidly design, develop, and deploy integrated mobile information management data designed for companies with plant, facility or field operations.


PenFact’s XMD solutions are vital for companies that cannot capture, access and use business critical information whose essential data is locked unused in paper and manual data management processes; and whose mobile workers are disconnected from its enterprise systems.


Before PenFact XMD, hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on unproductive, poor quality operations because alternate systems lack reliable and timely access to the critical information required to properly manage and run such enterprises. PenFact XMD software delivers real time access to business critical information, custom fitted into each enterprise, powerfully enabling mobile workers data interception, collection and transmission; PenFact’s Software avails management a powerful tool that stimulates management focus on business productivity or the lack thereof. PenFact’s Software avails business owners the accurate access to necessary information to improve the existing operations and financial health of their company, as well as the quality of the company’s products and services.


PenFact’s XMD software can be rapidly integrated and deployed by businesses in a seamless process, enabling such businesses a new paperless mobile information management system without changing their existing methods to accommodate PenFact software. PenFact’s XMD software puts the power and flexibility of easy one-step design, deployment and use in the hands of our customers at low cost.


PenFact’s XMD Software:

•   Enables our customer define what, how, when, and where information management will occur within its business.

•   Enables the rapid design, development and deployment of secure, reliable mobile information management.

•   Enhances ownership capability to determine personnel expertise and productivity.

•   Provides mobile worker with a powerful data transmission tool and versatile capabilities.

•   Enables access to real time flowing information transmitted across the mobile and stationary business enterprise.

•   Provides truly mobile, easy to use, software products for mobile workers.

•   Allows for seamless integration, extension and bridging of multiple enterprise systems.


PenFact products are used in highly regulated environments and have passed strict software quality control requirements, including those of General Electric, Texas Instruments, the United States Department of Energy, the United States Food & Drug Administration, 6-Sigma, and ISO 9000.

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